The natural benefits of antioxidants

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In the very large polyphenol family, OPCs occupy a special place

There are many molecules in the plant kingdom: among them are those classified in the large polyphenol family. Polyphenols are present in plants, fruits and vegetables.

There are at least 500 of them, but not all have the same physico-chemical properties. Since the 1970s, DRT has been interested in a subfamily of polyphenols: Procyanidolic Oligomers (OPC), whose virtues are remarkable in the human body.

Tracking and isolating OPCs in the plant kingdom requires a sophisticated industrial toolbox

Many ingredients communicate their high polyphenol content, but very few are able to claim such a high content of OPC, measured according to standardized methods. Oligopin® and Cosmythic® are standardized at 67% pinus pinaster OPC.

OPCs are low mass procyanidins and constitute the biologically active fraction of this specific class of polyphenols.